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Acting for stage. Acting for film. Acting for life!


Acting lessons are full of fresh, zesty life skills. There are positive benefits whether you want to put a zing in your performance at school; become a better communicator in the workplace or establish a vibrant new career on the stage and screen as a popular actor.

On a serious note, acting lessons can be a ‘bully-busting’ technique. Concerned parents should be relieved to know that drama classes can give young people the time to discover and rehearse new ways to confidently deal with difficult situations while teaching self-compassion and awareness of others.

Acting has a glowing effect on your child’s:
- Self-Awareness
- Self-Esteem
- Compassion and understanding for others

Acting Lessons with us are an enjoyable opportunity to:
- Sparkle in your daily conversations
- Speak up and express your ideas
- Improve your reading and speech
- Love storytelling and public speaking

The relaxed environment of our Acting Lessons offer:
- Time to wind down from a busy day
- The skills to be mindful and aware
- The opportunity for fun and friendships

We teach made-to-fit classes just for you:
- Acting for Film
- Acting for Stage
- Acting for Life!

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