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Dance classes for Primary aged students & adults. Learn fun moves & keep fit!


Famous modern dancer, Martha Graham once spoke about a vitality, a life force, an energy, that is unique to each one of us as dancers.

Martha believed that your personal dance expression was unique because there was only one of you in all time!

As your dance coach, We encourage you to embrace your unique style and energy as a dancer. We love nothing more than developing competition routines and performance pieces for you to shine on stage and express your personality through dance.

This means We are in peak form to offer you:

Training in all styles of dance – from hip-hop to ballet and musical theatre
Dance Conditioning through strength and stamina coaching
Flexibility training
You will benefit from:

Updated dance techniques and training
Current dance style choreography
A great relationship with your coach
And most importantly you’ll receive:
Winning combinations and fresh routines

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