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Group & Private Lessons from beginner-advanced. Across all of our studios. Ages 4 to adult.


Singing is as natural to humans as it is to songbirds, yet many of us hide our talents because of shyness or sympathy for those listening.

The truth is, a trained coach can help you overcome these insecurities.

As your vocal coach we will teach you so much more than how to simply use your voice as an instrument. We have developed a success system for a new generation of singers.

Our students say that vocal coaching helps them sparkle in all aspects of their lives!

Once you master our tips and strategies for singing, you too will be both a confident singer and someone who shines on life’s stage.

Join us for 1-on-1 private coaching or register now for group sessions where we share our secrets.

You will discover:

- How correct breathing can take you from starter to superstar
- How to develop confident body posture
- How to exercise your voice for true vocal agility and health

You will love learning:

- How to energise your genre with your own personal style
- How to phrase your lyrics for maximum audience impact
- How to gain the vocal stamina of your favourite performers
- How to extend your range to take your voice higher & lower than you imagined

You will gain:

- Aural training for outstanding musicianship
- Acting skills that turn a simple song into your own personal story
- Movement training that helps you ‘own’ the stage
- Microphone technique and tips for working ‘live’

Best of all:

- You’ll amaze your family and friends with your new skills
- You’ll win praise and admiration
- You’ll feel confident and proud of your personal achievements

We have become experts in teaching students to become singers and performers using our success system for singers. We are excited to pass on this vital knowledge to you!

Who knows where such sparkling confidence can take you on the world stage?

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